Sharing my experiences around software to others at events and conferences is something I very much enjoy. If you would like to engage me in my position as a Google Kotlin Developer Expert or prominent member of the Open Source community to speak at your event/podcast, I would be very happy to discuss it.

Here are some highlights of my previous experiences at conferences and events. You can visit a collection of my recorded talks on my YouTube channel, and some of the decks are available on SpeakerDeck:


  • Talking Kotlin, JetBrains vid-cast (virtual)
  • Developing with http4k, JetBrains official Webinar (virtual)
  • http4k - the Swiss Army Knife for Kotlin HTTP apps, Google Developer Expert Kotlin Meetup (virtual)
  • Smash you adapter monolith with the Connect pattern, BASH!, Belfast (virtual)


  • Productivity by a Thousand Cuts, Orbis Connect, London (virtual)
  • TDDing http4k, Joker Conf, Saint Petersburg (virtual)
  • Writing Test Driven Apps in http4k, Kotliners Conf, Budapest (virtual)
  • http4k Intro, Citcon Conf, London (virtual)


  • Server as a Function, JVM Roundabout, London


  • Server as a Function, BrisTech, Bristol
  • Server as a Function, Kotlin Conf, Amsterdam
  • http4k Intro, Kotlin User Group, London


  • Coding Dojo, Kotlin User Group, London
  • Futuristic Functions and how to Fake them, Scala User Group, London
  • Finagle Coding Dojo, Scala User Group Dojo, London