About me

With over two decades of adventures delivering software, I have extensive experience working on high visibility projects in a broad variety of industries including Investment and Digital Banking, Government, Internet Provision and Academic Publishing. I specialise in building not just the software, but also the teams to deliver them, most recently through my work as a Head of Engineering at a digital retail bank.

I am a firm believer in promoting collaborative, test-driven approaches to produce elegant, quality-driven solutions and am confident in clearing presenting complex concepts to a variety of audiences, from teaching to conference to board-level.

I am available for consultancy engagements to help projects in every phase of their delivery lifecycle, from pre-conception of ideas, to hiring advice and team building and even re-orientation for projects that are experiencing difficulties. I can even assist to get your Open Source project off the ground in the right way through my extensive contributor experiences.

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help your technology teams to deliver more effectively. Alternatively, please see the training offerings which I provide to clients, or engage me as a Speaker at your event/podcast.

Open Source & http4k

As co-creator of the popular http4k HTTP toolkit, I am especially well placed to offer advice on implementation patterns for using the library, and undoubtedly the person best placed in the world to advise on testing strategies for projects using it. Although http4k has been designed to be incredibly simple to test, there are many patterns and techniques which can help to supercharge your testing effort without coupling projects to I have successfully advised and delivered http4k projects into production for banks, global publishing houses and most recently governments.


I have extensive experience with the Kotlin language, having used it heavily since 2015, before the v1 release. If your company or project is considering Kotlin as an implementation technology for either mobile, server or multiplatform environments, my expertise and professional network as a Google Kotlin Developer Expert may be of particular interest.

I also co-authored a Real World Kotlin Development Workshop to help developers move gradually into the language in the smoothest possible way.